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Background/Information on Bestwoods

Bestwood has been manufacturing and distributing a range of high-quality interior decorative panels for more than 35 years.

The Bestwood range includes a comprehensive range of hard-wearing melamines and a stunning range of natural veneers along with its unique Evoake range of engineered oak veneer. Bestwood also supplies standard or laser edge tape to match its products.



Cabinetry Fronts and Panels



About and Colour Range

Bestwood Melamine is a low-pressure laminate pressed onto particleboard or MDF substrates. Stylish, durable and cost effective, Bestwood Melamine is suitable for use in cabinetry, shelving and furniture.

Bestwood Melamine Panels are available in solid colours, patterns, or woodgrain designs, and can be pressed single-sided or double-sided on a range of thicknesses.

See their colour range here: Bestwood, Melamine  



While Bestwood Melamine has excellent water and vapour resistance, care should be taken not to expose raw edges or edging to high moisture applications.

Bestwood Melamine is low maintenance and easy to clean. Simply wipe down with a clean, damp cloth. Spills, splashes, stains and greasy fingerprints should be tackled early with warm water and detergent or a general purpose spray and wipe cleaner. Important: Always wipe with a damp cloth, then a dry cloth after cleaning to remove moisture. Never use abrasive cleaners or cleaning tools on Bestwood Melamine such as; Jif, Vim, Brasso, steel wool or abrasive sponges We also recommend caution in using bleach and alcohol-based cleaners. Do not use citrus based cleaners as these may cause damage and leave a sticky residue on the surface.



Cabinetry Fronts and Panels



About and Colour Range

Bestwoods supplies Natural Timber Veneer and Evoake.

Natural Timber Veneer: There are more than 35 Natural Timber Veneers to choose from in Bestwoods collection. You can’t beat the intricate grain, rich colour and warmth and uniqueness of these natural wood veneers.

Evoake Veneer: Your oak veneer project just got easier to manage with Bestwood’s Evoake™ engineered oak veneer panels, providing a standard, repeatable layon for both crown cut and quarter cut options.

With either veneer that you choose a lacquer or stain finish is required and you can discuss this with your designer, Kitchen Vision provides testers and samples our clients on the selected Venner you’d like.

Bestwood, Veneer Collection



Because Bestwood Natural Veneer is an authentic timber product you can expect variations and inconsistencies that only nature can provide. This uniqueness means it cannot be mistaken for a man-made surface.

Bestwoods pressed veneer panels are supplied uncoated and pressed onto your choice of MDF, MDF FR or Plywood. You should seek guidance from a reputable coating supplier when choosing how to stain or clear finish your veneer panels.