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Background/Information on Trendstone

Kitchen Vision uses the many benchtops offered by Trendstone that are based in Auckland. Trendstone are importers and distributors of natural and engineered stone products, selling direct to retailers across New Zealand, Kitchen Vision included.

Trendstone’s aim is to deliver New Zealand’s most diverse and complete range of stone, particularly satisfying the growing demand for decorative and exotic Natural Stone slabs from around the world. They give friendly, honest and informative service to not only to their professional clients, but also homeowners throughout New Zealand.

Before selecting your benchtop material, it is great practice to go to visit Trendstone to see, feel and touch the products they provide – our designers here at Kitchen Vision advise our clients to see these products first hand.

See their Options/Collections available at Trendstone: Trendstone, Collection  



Benchtop Material: Engineered stone 


About and Colour Range

Trendstone Quartz comes in a wide range of exciting and contemporary colour options, anything from a speckle to a marble-like look. The neutral colour options are great, and work will for most of clients, their environment and overall vision.

Trendstone Quartz is an Engineered stone, it is made up of quartz – manufactured from up to 93% of quartz and the balance is made from polymer resins and pigments. Quartz is one of the hardest minerals on earth, created by nature. It is extremely robust and durable. It is an excellent long-term investment for business and homeowners.

We use their engineerstone range in many of our projects: Trendstone, Quartz Range


It will not soak up spills or stain easily, but it is highly recommended to not leave any foods or spices with high pigmentation on the benchtop for a long period of time. The engineered stone product is extremely low- maintenance when it comes to daily cleaning and up keep and will not wear easily.

TrendStone Quartz slabs have the industry standard limited 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.