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Silestone is a man-made material created by combining natural quartz and resilient raw materials. This combination creates an incredibly durable material that’s ideal for countertops in the kitchen and bathroom.

In recent years, Silestone has seen a rise in popularity due to its many benefits over quartz and granite.

The Benefits of Silestone Countertops

Silestone is made primarily of quartz, which is a highly durable material. In combination with the raw materials added, Silestone becomes scratch resistant and highly resistant to dents and stains.

HybriQ® is a breakthrough technology for Silestone and reduces silica content. Launched in 2020 Silestone HybriQ drastically reduced the percentage of crystalline silica in its composition, creating a new product category: Mineral HybriQ® Surfaces.

Fabrication of Silestone® is fully safe as long as the fabricator follows appropriate safety measures.

Silestone is stain-resistant because it is dense and non-porous. Unlike natural stone surfaces, Silestone does not require any sealing to protect it. There’s little risk of permanent staining from common kitchen liquids like coffee, wine, and oil.

Silestone countertops are popular because of how easy they are to maintain. In addition to not having to be sealed, Silestone quartz tops give a naturally glossy finish and won’t require polishing. Silestone tops are also available in a beautiful suede finish.

Clean-up is easy, requiring you to wipe away whatever was spilled. A soft, natural cloth and a non-abrasive cleaning agent is all you need. Cleaning the surface often is necessary to keep the surface in pristine condition.

Silestone also boasts proprietary bacteriostatic protection in every slab. This extra layer is unique to Silestone and means there’s no worry about mould, mildew, or bacteria making a home in the countertop.

Because it’s man-made, Silestone is available in a wide variety of colour options. There are numerous colours to choose from in polished and suede finishes. These options are sure to fit in any of your style preferences.

Silestone is a luxury material available through Kitchen Vision when purchasing your new bespoke kitchen.